In March of 2021 

In discussions with the koalapool chat group members & the broader Cardano community via a twitter poll.

We decided to establish the KOALA fund. The aim of which is to build a longer-term self sustaining fund that will generate its own ADA rewards even if Koalapool fails to survive.

The fund will be dipped into to support irl Koala emergencies like we saw with the 2019 bushfires, but the ultimate aim is habitat protection.

2022 is the year we will build and enact a roadmap for this!

We have made our Second contribution to saving Koalas by supporting Mother and Baby Koala

In addition we have started a Koala fund wallet. Details on the budget page.

We have made our first contribution to saving Koalas by supporting a young three footed male Koala, Triumph. 

Koalas are under serious threat from habitat destruction, lack of water, and bushfires.

We benefit from the name recognition of Koalas in promoting our stakepool and it's only right that the Koalas do too!